Visible mending project

Photographer and designer

An AHRC funded project which set out to investigate the material cultures associated with the mending of everyday objects in the South West of England.

Originating in an idea from myself and a Doctor of Geography from the University of Exeter, Caitlin DeSilvey, it started out with a simple blog, grew into the website I built entitled A Celebration of Repair and rounded up its research in a 2-day symposium at the University of Exeter Streatham Campus.

The project culminated with the publication of a book I co-designed with Uniform Press entitled Visible Mending, published in 2013.

In Summer 2014, we were invited to deliver a paper on the project at the Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference in Kensington, London.

In 2017 the project then linked with Repair Acts, an international and multidisciplinary network of artists, scholars, designers, engineers, social, economic and political scientists, policy makers, educators, environmental organisations and enterprises who work on the topic of repair cultures.

Out of this collaboration came three conferences and the Repair Acts newspaper, which showcased some of the previous research of a new audience and also provided an update on some of the contributors. 

Dr Caitlin DeSilvey / Dr James R. Ryan

Client / Funders:
University of Exeter / Arts and Humanities Research Council

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