Visible mending book

Photographer and designer

Along with two cultural geographers from The University of Exeter – Caitlin DeSilvey and James R. Ryan – we set out to find and visit workplaces in the South West where people repair broken things.

Notebooks and cameras were our project tools, and these tools produced an extensive archive of texts and images, a selection of which are printed in this book, the culmination of eighteen months of fieldwork.

The project was inspired by an attraction to the aesthetics of these workplaces, but also by an interest in what the practices of fixing, mending, repair and renewal could reveal about the way people value things, and each other.

160 pages, 212 illustrations in colour, 9 in black and white, sewn paperback with flaps, 234mm x 142mm.

Introduction by Sarah Pink; Foreword by Nick Hand.

For a copy of the book please get in touch. £10 inc p&p.

“In Visible mending, the photographs of these homely settings for repair conjure up an empathetic, richly sensory encounter with a usually unseen materiality.” –Tim Edensor, Manchester Metropolitan University

“The book is beautifully designed and produced and full of Steven Bond’s fantastic photographs, which linger on the objects and spaces and light of the workplaces the research team visited.  As Caitlin and James say in their essay that concludes the book, the photographs really do focus attention on the richly textured materialities of these places, and suggest the intimate relations between them and the people who work there...” – Gillian Rose, Professor of Human Geography at the University of Oxford

Arts & Humanities Research Council / University of Exeter

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