UK–Ukraine solo bike ride
Cyclist and campaigner

Setting out from Hinkley Point Power Station in Somerset I cycled solo to Ukraine. It was my attempt at protesting the expansion plans for Hinkley and highlighting that investment in sustainable energy is surely a better idea; and what better way to represent sustainable energy than the bicycle. Also raised £1000+ through sponsorship for FORCE, an Devon-based cancer charity. 

Found myelf on some lovely roads as I made my way through France, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. Drifting through green landscapes and indudtrial estates, over huge bridges and astray on motorways. But got to Ukrainian boarder after 2,000 odd miles and lifted my trusty Thorn bicycle aloat. 

I wanted to reach the Chernobyl site at Prypiat. Alas, I couldn't get into the exclusion zone – they weren't keen to let a solo cyclist through back then. Now things are very different, with paying tourists being bused directly onto the site.

In 2002, the year of this ride, the plan to expand Hinkley was refused by the County Council. In 2020 however, it’s all go, with this £18 billion construction happening apace. Absolute madness. 

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