Post magazine issue 3

Co-editor, designer and publisher

Post was a magazine I started with Dean Owens and Jon Blyth in order to share and commission creative work and writing. It was financed by Falmouth University and a host of sponsors.

At it’s peak it had a readership of 20,000+ and was stocked by Tate St Ives and Newlyn Gallery amongst many others. It was also sent out with the general university prospectus giving it a reach far outside of Cornwall.

Spec for Post Issue 3:
→ 120 pages
→ 7000 copies
→ 150gsm Tauro for the body and Hello Silk 300gsm for the cover

Helen Sear (cover)
Aaron Moore on Sustainable Design
Kate Southworth on Networking
Megan Wakefield
Sue Corke
Caroline Born
Mark Lea
Peter Doubleday
Sara Bowler
Steve Braund
Andy Currie
Holly Bodmer on Falling
Dean Knight
Zoe Jarvis
Nathan Walker
Ben Hobbs
Rod Maclachlan
Oliver Udy
Bonnie Jenkins
Geoff Adderley on Blast variations
Sarah Matthews
Richard Dinnis
Rebecca Weeks on Invigorate
Kenna Hernly on Field Club
Stephen Paige
Mark Leahy on A Glossary of Dissemination
Christophe Philipps on Detention without trial
John Krcma on Creating the self
Temujin Doran

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