Post magazine Issue 4

Editor, designer and publisher

Post was a magazine I started with Dean Owens and Jon Blyth in order to share and commission creative work and writing. It was financed by Falmouth University and a host of sponsors.

At it’s peak it had a readership of 20,000+ and was stocked by Tate St Ives and Newlyn Gallery amongst many others. It was also sent out with the general university prospectus giving it a reach far outside of Cornwall.

Spec for Post Issue 4:
→ 40 pages
→ 17 cm x 23 cm
→ 100% recycled paper, Greencoat Silk 130 gsm by Howard Smith paper
ISSN 1756-8366

The Enigma by Martje Zandboer (cover)
Hilary Philips on post-war Plymouth
Alison Oldham on Mark Surridge
Charlie Sinclair on dilemas
Jason Bate on the Ethics of looking
Sian Grzeszczyk on hostile training
Rowena Davis on the truth behind the facade
Oliver Udy on suspected second homes
Dean Owens on the point of tears
Nancy Roth on a university of culture code
Lara Smith on networks of design
Justin Marshall on Automake
Mo Bottomley on Knowing Ourselves
Daryl Waller and Richard Dinnis - A conversation

Includes images by:
Bill Leslie, Peter Doubleday, Jamie Boyd, Georgina Hounsome, Oxana Mazur, Alex Higlett, Ben Hobbs, Neal Johnston

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