Other Oils

Community Interest Company

In Summer of 2019 I started a business with an aim to provide HVO, a fossil-free, 100% renewable, and low-CO2 fuel. Extremely low: 90% less C02e than conventional diesel.

It’s made in Finland and is becoming increasingly popular in Scandanavia but still relatively unheard of in the UK. We want Cornwall to be one of the first places to adopt it’s use. It’s not just cars and vans we want to supply, it’s boats, generators, tools etc. Anywhere diesel is used HVO can be a drop-in replacment.

Not only does it hugely decrease your carbon footprint, it offers a way of divesting from the fossil fuel companies who continue to do some much damage to our environment. No longer do we need to invest our money into these notorious companies and their products – we can invest in Other Oils and HVO instead.

Follow our progress @ instagram.com/other.oils

Charlotte Higgins, Co-Director

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