Across the Gulf Of Bothnia
Falmouth > Helsinki > Falmouth (Overland)

Across the Gulf Of Bothnia sounds so grand, so romantic, so adventurous. But it’s the name of the busy and tourist-heavy stretch of water that seprates Sweden and Finland, and the reality was I sat on a ferry for the 12 hours it took to cross it, rather than heroically canoe across. And it was simply trains for the other legs of the trip. 

But it still felt magical to cross all that land and sea en route to Helsinki and to then live in the Finnish countryside for a while.

For me the area around where we lived was a landsape full of life and colour, and yet oddly dark and slightly sinister. Seems it was hard for me to get away from my limited bucolic version of what a forest should feel like. But I was capitavated, nonetheless.

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